Monocle Gateway now in BETA

  • Monocle Gateway

    Monocle Gateway is now available for BETA testing!

    Please see this forum section for more details: Monocle Gateway

    Monocle Gateway is a software service that you install and run locally inside your private network to facilitate and coordinate communication between your Alexa devices, IP cameras and the Monocle platform.

    Monocle Gateway is the replacement solution for the current Proxy Workaround solution. However unlike the proxy workaround, Monocle Gateway is fully integrated with the Monocle platform and simplifies the configuration and management of proxied cameras.

    Monocle Gateway is required for the latest Amazon devices such as the Amazon FireTV 4K (3rd generation).

    Monocle Gateway is very much BETA and should only by used by those willing to test the software, report issues and be willing to help diagnose and work thru any potential issues that come up.

  • Fantastic!!! Going to give it a try with my 3rd Gen Fire TV and will update ASAP.
    Thanks for this.


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