10 second delay

  • Whats up with the 10 second delay on the camera stream? I understand that there may be a few seconds where your alexa device has to negotiate the video stream, but once it does, since the stream is connecting through the LAN, I don’t really understand why there is a 10 second time difference between what displays on my alexa device vs. what shows simultaneously on my NVR. Help me understand.

  • Hello, newbie here. I’ve only just registered today with a single ucam247 camera. I have also noticed this time lag. Does the bandwidth of the stream cause the lag? My set up is using a 1920 x 1080 image size. Should I reduce this and will it reduce the lag?

  • @Boluwd

    I don’t think the stream size is the problem as I’m streaming the sub stream from my NVR at 640x360 (main stream on my cameras is 4MP) plus there’s really no need for all that resolution on such a small screen. I’ve tried adjusting the resolution up and down and get the same result.

  • @LYNC-SmartHome like I said earlier, I’m new to this today. Is this lag normal or is it a recent issue?

  • @LYNC-SmartHome

    We typically see anywhere from a 5 to 15 second delay in the camera streams. Unfortunately lowering the resolution does not always have any significant impact to this delay. The delay time also seems to vary between camera manufacturers. For example the Dahua/Amcrest cameras seem to only lag 5-6 seconds while Hikvision and many others are 10-15.

    We believe there are two underlying issues in play. First, we have tested the streams using desktop computers using VLC and FFPLAY (FFMPEG) and see almost no delay. However when using these tools directly on lower powered ARM devices such as a Raspberry Pi, we do see some amount of latency. So I think the lower powered hardware and likely decoding capabilities of the Alexa devices are limited and causing most of the latency. Second we think the Alexa devices are also buffering a few seconds of the stream before beginning the playback to better handle small hiccups that might be encountered in normal playback.

    These are just observations … nothing confirmed with absolute certainly. In some cases, if the camera supports it, disabling the audio channel in the camera’s internal settings can help reduce some of the latency.

    Thanks, Robert

  • @LYNC-SmartHome
    In my experience, the bitrate should be set very high to fill up the stream-buffer sooner

  • @czandor

    Good tip, I’ll try this out today and see if I can get any noticeable improvement in the delay period.

    Thanks, Robert

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