Static Image Support

  • It would be great it Monocle could support static images:

    • Not all cameras support RTSP but most can export a snapshot
    • Cameras in remote locations might not have the bandwidth to support an RTSP stream

    I’ve tried to work around this by generating an RTSP stream from exported still images, but it’s very inefficient and rather clunky. Would much rather have it bundled into Monocle with my other cameras.


  • @muzzle

    I think a rotation of images such as a picture gallery would be nice too.

  • Monocle is designed as a Gateway or Bridge to support viewing cameras on your Amazon devices. Functions that involve management of video or images from cameras should be addressed on an NVR. Most NVRs allow some pretty advanced functions for the management of images, clips, snapshots, and events.

  • @vmsman

    Good to know that some NVRs can offer more advanced functionality like this. However, I think we would like to expand the feature set of Monocle to do more. And as @muzzle suggest, some (older) cameras may only be capable of snapshots and not compatible RTSP/H.264 streams.