invidtech nvr o dvr using nat or any dvr p2p using port80

  • a newbie question here it is possible to use monocle to connect using the address and credential on this time of devices?

  • @mescopr

    We have not tested this brand of NVR. However, if it supports H.264 video streams via RTSP, then it possible it could work.

    The Alexa devices and thus Monocle do not support any P2P streams only RTSP. These P2P streams are often proprietary to the camera manufacturer and no third-party access is available.

    Thanks, Robert

  • Hi a invitech dvr i think is made by lts
    and yes it has rstp support via port 554 i opened por 554 for the dvr ip
    I had a guestion what ip i supose to use
    I tried the local and work on vlc no on fire stick.
    I tried the public and work on vlc lo on fire
    I tried the the ddns adress work on vlc no on fire
    I read about the port 443 i im supose to open this port on the fire ip?

  • If you are trying to use a FireTV stick, then most likely you will also need to use our Monocle Gateway service.

    See the following pages for compatibility information and notes on each FireTV model:

  • @Monocle hi puerto rico is supported?

  • @mescopr

    Amazon says Puerto Rico is supported using US ENGLISH. So it should work as long as the Monocle Skill in the Amazon/Alexa Store is available to you:


  • @Monocle still mmmm the camera isint responding on my fire stick 3rd gen but i can see it on vlc here is my one of my streams rtsp://
    on the adress can i use the local ip?
    on my internet provider router port 554 is open for my dvr ip and port 443 is used for http what i do there? and i dont think the dvr stream is certified in any way. sorry for all the istupid cuestions but this kind of programing is way out of my pay grade.

  • @mescopr

    Not stupid questions. Some of this stuff can be complex.

    You do not need to expose the camera over the Internet, you can use the internal private IP address or local hostname of the camera. You also don’t need to do anything with the HTTP URL, port 443 on the camera or TLS/SSL encryption — We do all that with the Monocle Gateway service. The Monocle Gateway service will need to host/serve locally on port 443 wherever you are running it.

    Feel free to post your Monocle Gateway log and we can see if there are any obvious errors.

    Here are some additional tips you can try:

    Thanks, Robert

  • @Monocle ill be so happy if i can achive this.
    ok step 1 change the adress for local ip on all the cam in the gateway
    2 the internet provider use a tomson router how i open.port 443 it dosent let me becuse id use in that router for http if i go in can you see me port 443 is not open port 554 is what i need to do? please help.

  • @mescopr

    You should not need to open any ports on your router.

    Do you have Monocle Gateway installed on a computer inside your network? That is what is needed first. The Monocle Gateway service running on this computer must listen on port 443 and the Alexa devices must be able to access this computer (on port 443) inside your local network.

    The Monocle Gateway service does communicate over the Internet to coordinate when an Alexa device requests a camera stream, but you don’t need to expose any inbound ports for this to work. All the streaming data is maintained locally inside your private network.

    Thanks, Robert

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