Idle timeout and static image

  • I have D-link DCS-960L, which is working good with my Echo Show 2, the delay is acceptable (2-3 secs).
    The problem is, I need idle timeout. I mean stop the camera feed after a few seconds from start. I used the “Timeout (Seconds)” option, but it has no effect.
    And there is few seconds to load the stream by Echo Show 2. Until then, it shows the last frame from the previous stream. Would it be possible to show the still image provided by the camera? D-link can give a stationary picture (jpg)?


  • @czandor

    The timeout property is something that we simply forward to Alexa when the camera is requested. It’s up to Alexa to honor the timeout settings … however, I don’t think Alexa is really using this value.

    Are you using our Monocle Gateway service? Its possible we could implement something in the Monocle Gateway to interrupt (stop) the stream after the elapsed timeout – however the timeout may start counting from the point in time where the camera is requested rather than when the actual feed is displayed on the Alexa device.

  • Helo,
    Thanks for the answer, so far I didn’t know about this Gateway. I have a Linux server at home, I can install it. It looks good and maybe I can start my Digitus camera, which is H264, but for some reason it didn’t work with Alexa.
    It would be a good idea to implement timeout, my wife always forgets to stop, and the gate camera is on the Echo Show all day.

  • @czandor

    I’ll try to get the timeout logic implemented in the Monocle Gateway within the next two weeks.

    Thanks, Robert

  • @Monocle Hello,
    Thanks, I will try the Gateway as soon as I have time.

  • @czandor It might be possible to accomplish stopping the feed using 1-2 Alexa routines

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