Music while showing IP camera is not possible?

  • To replicate:

    Echo show 5
    Open any IP camera video feed
    Request Echo show to play music (or via another echo)


    Music plays and camera feed cancels

    Same in reverse if playing music and request for video feed, the music stops.

    Is this a limitation?

  • @Leofr1cs

    I believe this is a limitation of the Alexa implementation. Even when no audio channel is defined for a given feed, the Alexa device will stop any background music or other existing audio playing and only play the camera feed.

    I think this is a good feature request to ask Amazon for Alexa devices. The existence of an audio channel for any given camera feed is known to the Alexa device before it attempts to play the camera stream. So it should be able to add the logic to continue playing an existing audio selection when no audio is expected on the video camera feed.

    Thanks, Robert

  • hello I want to inform v380 about a problem in the app that is very annoying. I cant set the light sensibility down and I get alarm every 10 seconds.

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