Dahua Model Hfw4431r-z Works

  • Manufacturer:DahuaModel:Hfw4431r-z

    @proxy for my Fire TV gen 3

  • Hey Delcway,
    Can you please describe your full description?
    I´m trying to get a a dahua VTO2000A and a WEB-Cam running - but all I get is “camera does not react”.

    Currently I use the @tunnel tag and do basic auth.


    Audio is set to None and resolution according to the choosen stream.

    I try to get it running on a Show 5

    best regards and thanks in advance


  • @Iolinar - I had to go into the camera settings and change the code c to be H264. I also turned off the audio, just in case this might be a problem. Then I had to use the Monocle Gateway with the tag @proxy. The stream=0 will produce the best resolution.

    Just for reference here is more information on setting up the Monocle Gateway:

    And for tagging the cameras in the Monocle Web Portal.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks a lot!

    Had to dive into the guides to find out that the gateway is needed to use Tags!
    Since I have “some” PI3´s running, it just took minutes to get my Doorstation (VTO2000a) running:
    rtsp:// (using the High res Stream) + @tunnel

    I use 800*600 while the cam only gives 800**480; Authentication is “digest”

    Thanks to Dalecway again and - for sure - to Monocle Team for offering this great service FOR FREE!

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