Night Owl DVR System Works

  • Played around with my monocle setup last night for a few hours and I was able to get my NightOwl DVR to work with Monocle. Only issue I have is the alexa device will timeout after 30 seconds or so and lose connection.
    The settings I used are:
    rtsp://(IPADDRESS):554/Streaming/Unicast/channels/X01(where X is the number of the camera in the DVR).
    Just wanted to share in case someone else was looking at using a Night Owl Camera.

    Also add the tag @proxy or else it will not work and you will have to have the monocle gateway running.

  • @cdudeman

    It probably won’t matter but you could also try using @proxy-tcp (instead of @proxy) to see if it can maintain the connection for more than 30 seconds.

    Thanks, Robert

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