DH-SD29204T-GN Works!

  • Got this camera working using the @tunnel tag and the following rtsp stream:

    I haven’t seen this method mentioned so Ill put it out there; if you have an ONVIF camera, you can install “ONVIF Device Manager.” Enter your credentials, select the camera (should see a small camera preview if the credentials are correct), select “Live Video” and you will see the camera full screen. At the bottom of the video is the rtsp URI. Another note on the Dahua cameras, the ONVIF and rtsp stream both have a password separate from the web GUI. By default this is admin admin. Good idea to change this which can be done in the ONVIF Device Manager.

  • @n8huntsman

    Thank for the tip on ONVIF Device Manager. In fact I have used that tool in the past to try and discover the RTSL URL on some undocumented cameras!

    We are working on a similar but simplified tools to aid in the discover of cameras and RTSP URLs as well.

    Thanks, Robert

  • Greetings. I also have this camera (DH-SD29204T). However my Echo Show 8 still will not ‘show’ this camera. After running a discovery on Alexa, It finds the camera but never relates it to Monocle. The Echo Show always says that the camera is not responding. Thoughts please, anyone?? I can clearly see/hear my camera using the RTSP listed above with VLC or ONVIF Device Manager software. - Thank you!!

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