Amcrest IP2M-841 Stopped Working Through Portal

  • My two Amcrest IP2M-841 cameras stopped working on my Echo Shows through the Gateway portal after the power was out at our home for three days. The Amcrest cameras work fine otherwise and my Dlink cameras continue to work with the Echo Shows through the gateway. I wonder if either Amcrest or my Echo Shows have had an update to create incompatibility. Does anyone else have Amcrest working currently with the Echo Show? If so, I have some trouble shooting to do!

  • @jhagan
    I have the amcrest 841 and it works without the portal

  • Thank you. It turns out I needed to close and then restart my monocle gateway. Both Amcrest cameras are working, but they require the @tunnel tag to work with my Show and Spot.

  • @jhagan

    Glad you got it working!

    Another user mentioned some trouble with the gateway about the same time. Maybe there was some hiccup with the server or potentially some outage causing the trouble. It should have reconnected automatically, but not sure what exactly happened. If it happens again, please make a copy of the log data and forward that along.

    PS. The Monocle Gateway is needed for the Echo Show 5 but not the other Echo Show models. The gateway is also required for call current FireTVs.


  • Thanks for the clarification about the gateway.

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