Previously running setup now throwing a 404

  • I have an existing setup that has been running fine for months. 3 Reolink 420’s connected up through the Monocle Gateway server running locally on the lan. Camera feeds visible through Echo Show devices, etc.

    But yesterday I noticed it wasn’t working. “Camera not responding”. Cameras are indeed working and can be accessed outside of Alexa devices. I tried rebooting the server hosting Monocle, as well as restarting the monocle service. No firewall issues possible.

    Anyone experiencing this? Has something broken/changed on the monocle side of things? I seem to be running he latest software compiled in Feb 2019.

    Thanks in advance


  • Update to my own post:

    After a few days, it just started working again. 404 error is gone and the feed is flowing again through Monocle gateway.

    Did anyone else experience this this week, or in the past? I’m almost certain it was an issue on the Monocle side,

  • @spicymikey

    Hmmm. Not sure why it did that. Perhaps some DNS outage/trouble somewhere in the path. I don’t think there was a service outage on our cloud provider. There was a recent SSL certificate renewal. I wonder if that caused some problem? It should have been a transparent update.


    Glad its working for you now!

  • Yes, it certainly could have been a problem between the two points. Especially since it just started working again by itself. I’ll bookmark that stats page. Good to know!

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