Hikvision DS7608 NI-I2

  • Firstly thanks Monocle for this fantastic service. I have been waiting for this for so long.

    After much tinkering, mainly down to RTSP and which streams to use, I have all of my cameras available around my house from my DS7608 NI-I2 NVR, using Echo Dots and Firesticks. My only gripe is that it takes around 8 seconds to load a camera, is this normal?

    I would like to purchase an Echo Show5 and wonder will it be any quicker on an Echo Show?

    I have tried using apps like Tinycam on my firestick but they can only use the primary feed from the cameras, which swamps the Firestick and results in 1 fps max.

  • A dot using Monocle can indeed give an 8 sec delay

    The good news however is if you run the monocle service on a pc (which is required for a show 5) then I have achieved a delay as low as 3 seconds.

    Now the bad news… the service has to be running 24/7

  • 24/7 is not a problem, it can run on my NUC which runs Homeseer and Ubiquiti 24/7 anyway

  • @Mushii,

    The 8 second delay is certainly normal. (unfortunately)
    I see anywhere between 5 to 15 seconds depending on the camera make/model. My Hikvision camera takes about 5-10 seconds to display. My Amcrest (Dahua-based) cameras seem to be quicker in the 3-5 second timeframe.

    I have not personally noticed that the Echo Show 5 loads the stream any faster or with any less latency than any other Amazon device.

    I’m not sure the Monocle Gateway will improve any timings, but it is required for using the Echo Show 5 and all current FireTVs. (but not the other Echo Show models)


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