Is there a demo camera feed available?

  • Hi,
    To rule out monocle-gateway setup / dns, certificate issues etc. Is there a feed available that I could be used to prove your setup?
    This would then help with knowing any issues are then on the camera side and not with Alexa etc.
    Thx Alan

  • @alanbroberts

    I realize this information is a bit late, but perhaps it is still useful.

    You can use the following RTSP address to access a test feed:

    This feed does not require any authentication and is a H.264 video stream with a resolution of 1280x720.

    Please note, this test feed does not work when using a tagged camera via Monocle Gateway.
    Please note, this test feed is encrypted and does not work with VLC or FFMPEG directly.

    If you wish to test this feed using Monocle Gateway, you can use this address instead (Note the different port number) :
    rtsp:// along with the camera tag @proxy-tcp

    (The @tunnel tag does not work with this test stream at this time)

  • Thank you for the information, would say perfect timing as I’ve just purchased a PI4. Will be setting up gateway service to run on this alongside Pihole and vpn.
    Again, many thanks and hopefully Alexa device will now play ball and I can concentrate on getting actual IE geek camera to work.

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