Is there a demo camera feed available?

  • Hi,
    To rule out monocle-gateway setup / dns, certificate issues etc. Is there a feed available that I could be used to prove your setup?
    This would then help with knowing any issues are then on the camera side and not with Alexa etc.
    Thx Alan

  • @alanbroberts

    I realize this information is a bit late, but perhaps it is still useful.

    You can use the following RTSP address to access a test feed:

    This feed does not require any authentication and is a H.264 video stream with a resolution of 1280x720.

    Please note, this test feed does not work when using a tagged camera via Monocle Gateway.

    If you wish to test this feed using Monocle Gateway, you can use this address instead (Note the different port number) :
    rtsp:// along with the camera tag @proxy-tcp

    (The @tunnel tag does not work with this test stream at this time)

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