Can transcoding via Tinycam Pro replace proxy server?

  • Still new to this and haven’t yet downloaded the Monocle Proxy Server as I don’t have a machine dedicated to always on.
    I was wondering if passing the Foscam stream through a device running Tinycam would meet the RTSP requirements of Alexa? The benefit here is that Tinycam will run on android devices which are much easier to keep on 24/7. I believe I should be able to run off the same Fire Stick that is being used to receive the Alexa stream.
    Again, this is strictly a theoretical question as I don’t have enough experience with either solution.

  • @waldo

    Honestly I don’t know if this work work, but I’m doubtful. Also, in Android, I don’t think you can guarantee that a background service is always running, last time I worked in Android the OS could preempt your service and shut it down if it thought it needed to for low power conditions. Maybe this is not the case for Android TV boxes that are constantly powered … I’m not sure?

    Thanks, Robert

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