• Hello,

    sorry for my bad english. I’m from Germany.

    Is anybody here, who knows to connect a DERICAM P2 and a DERICAM S2C at Amazon-Alexa by monoclecam?
    Amazon knows the cameras when I ask to open them, but then I get the answer “Die Kamera reagiert nicht!”

    Thanks for help!

  • I was able to get my Dericam S2C working by using Monocle’s gateway and adding @tunnel and @fake-fmtp tags. I tried practically every combination of tags, but the (mostly) undocumented @fake-fmtp tag is what finally got it working.

    Presumably this would work for the P2 but I only have the S2C so I can’t say for sure.

    Best of luck and post back your results.


  • @BrianUsher

    Thanks for your comments and helping out. I don’t have any Dericam cameras to test with here.

    Thanks, Robert

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