Problems with IP8M-2493 and Show 8

  • Just got my first Show ( Show 8 ) and am working through getting all of my Amcrest cameras working. So far I’ve had success with IP2M-841/842 (though they all required the use of the gateway with @tunnel - maybe a requirement with the new version of the Show?).

    However, I have 2 IP8M-2493 cameras that I’m not able to get working. I see this isn’t shown specifically as compatible, though the IP2M-2496 is (which I believe is the bullet cam version of the same hardware), so I would think it should work.

    Any ideas? Looking at the output from monocle-gw --tail I see successful digest authentication with a lot of client/endpoint requests and responses. Everything always culminates to an “RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CLOSED” message with no errors.

    The settings are H264/None with tags “noaudio” and “tunnel.” I’ve tried a few different combinations of these with no success. I’m happy to provide debug traces (logs or packets) if it would help.

    Thanks for a great product!

  • Quick Update: I was able to get a feed working by enabling the sub-stream (640x480) and then changing the RTSP URL in Monocle. Any chance this is a bitrate or resolution issue? It’s great to get video, but I’d prefer to get as close to the native 4K as possible.

  • From other posts on the forum, it seems many of the newer devices (5 and 8 require the gateway) are limited to 1080p as a maximum res.

  • Thanks Jouster. That’s what I’m starting to think.

    Any ideas on best course of action? 640x480 is a bit too low (and letterboxing looks weird on the Show). I’m thinking I’ll script some ffmpeg commands to re-transcode to 1080p and then point Monocle to those. I’ll post back here if/when I have success.

  • @gstlouis

    Let me know if you come up with a successful FFMPEG solution. The last time I tried testing this, the re-encoding created too much latency for a solution where someone wished to view a live camera stream.

    For my cameras, I simply configured the primary streams to output 1080P instead of higher 2K or 4K streams.

    Thanks, Robert

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