SSL cert expired? [SOLVED]

  • Looks like the SSL cert for expired today the 28th? Would this also stop our cameras from working?

  • It has stopped all of my cameras on Alexa Show

  • Same, no cameras working here either. Assuming it’s the SSL cert. Echo gives the “not responding” message almost immediately which is different from a 10-15 second delay when there are other local issues.

    I assume the forums are still monitored regularly, but any way to reach out to support directly for a quicker response?

  • @gstlouis I posted in support area so fingers crossed they see it soon.

  • Problems here, too. FireTV not working. Tried it on Echo Spot and it informed me to un-link and re-link the Monocle skill, but the re-linking failed with a “try again later” message.

  • I choose a great day to install the gateway on a pi.
    Thanks for posting. I thought it was me!
    2019-11-28T21:35:20.907Z [ERROR] [Monocle Error] certificate has expired
    [ ‘[Monocle Error]’, ‘certificate has expired’ ]

  • I apologized for this error, its something I intended to address a few days ago but with the holiday and family stuff, I forget to get it fixed before the certificate expiry.

    IT SHOULD BE WORKING AGIAN NOW with new certificates deployed.

    THANK YOU for raising this issue so we could address it reasonably quickly.

    Thanks, Robert

  • Thank you Robert. I can confirm, all good here with Fire and Spot. Awesome service, I just ordered a 2nd Gen Echo Show for my Mom for Christmas this morning, specifically for the Monocle service.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • @GreggC it won’t hinder your instal but i can confirm that the 2nd Gen Show doesn’t need the tags to work correctly in my experience, so it must have the older security software. that said i fully expect Amazon to update that at some point.

  • @Jouster-74 Thank you for the confirmation on Show2. I mentioned it just as an affirmation that I like Monocle enough to set it up for Mom. 🙂 One of the reasons I chose that model was that it doesn’t require the gateway and I hope it stays that way forever, but realize it could change. And I got a great Black Thursday deal using the Monocle affiliate link!

  • @GreggC

    Thank you for using our Amazon link 🙂
    Every little bit helps !!!

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