Just wanted to say thanks! Hikvision, Show 5 and Synology setup

  • I know a lot of effort goes into getting something like this off the ground and running and then providing support. So thanks Monocle team!

    So it took a bit of effort but i finally have all 8 of my 8mp Hikvision camera’s running on this via the gateway on my Synology NAS.

    A couple of bit which may help others outside of the guide:

    The gateway on my Synology kept getting the ping timeout error - I had my NAS setup with a bond on both my ethernet - but it was set as load balance. I changed it to link aggregation and I could then ping my FQDN.

    Next issue was the DNS binding - I have an ASUS WRT Mesh setup - my NAS is on a second node not using DHCP - which I had to setup to use the Google DNS.

    After all that i still couldnt get any of the camera’s from Surveillance Station to work - 404 file not found error - even though the streams worked on VLC. Gave up and just connected directly to my Hikvision camera’s internal IP - using stream 2 at a lower resolution and H264 and that allowed me to keep H265+ for my Surveilance Station Recording - to save space on the NAS.

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