Reolink Cameras with Amazon Echo Show 8

  • I have Reolink RLC-420 cameras, an Amcrest IP4M-1051B camera, and a GW Security GW-GW5747MIC hosted on the Monocle Gateway with @tunnel. All these camera work on the 1st generation echo show, the 2nd generation Echo Show and on the Fire TV 4k stick. On my new Echo Show 8, only the GW Security camera works. The Amcrest and the GW Security do not work.

    The only real difference is that the Reolink RLC-420’s run at 25601440 and the Amcrest runs at 26881520, whereas the working GW Security camera is running at 2592*1944. This is a mystery since all the cameras run on all the other Show models and the Fire TV 4k’s. Does anyone have any ideas?

    When I tell Alexa to show one of the cameras that does not work on the Echo Show 8, I simply get “Waiting for the front yard” and after about two minutes I get “hmm, the camera isn’t responding”.

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