Dahua SD59230S works

  • For everyone’s info I have confirmed that my Dahua SD59230S IP camera works using Monocle Gateway. Thank you support people for quick and attentive responses to my requests.

  • Are you just using the @tunnel tag or any other tags to get it working?
    Which Alexa devices are you using it with?

    Thanks, Robert

  • Yes, @tunnel tag must be used for this camera. That is only tag I have used. It is being used with the Echo Show.

  • @j675

    Thanks! Good to know that it only requires @tunnel. One note, there is a small change coming in version 0.0.4 to the @tunnel implementation. If it stops working once 0.0.4 is released and you have upgraded to 0.0.4 – just let us know.

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