ANPVIS IPC-B850W-D - Hikvision Compatible - Gateway not connecting to stream

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    Can you please help. I have the gateway running on server 2012.
    I have tested the stream in VLC and verified the codec etc.
    I have checked the external mproxy DNS entry is mapped to my servers IP
    When i try and show the camera on amazon show 8 it can says “The camera isnt responding”
    it never brings up the lines as expected in the guide…

    “2018-06-08T18:48:54.971Z [INFO] [ <BJkj18ulm>] RTSP CLIENT SOCKET CONNECTED
    2018-06-08T18:48:55.103Z [INFO] [ <BJkj18ulm>] RTSP CLIENT ATTACHED TO STREAM: Kitchen (STREAM:99d01a23-c6sd-46-bb11-v1d9edda4523)”

    I only see the parts above that… Here is my output

     - NAME  : Drive
     - URL   : rtsp://
     - UUID  : STREAM:474c5c57-22a1-45d4-9234-2f60dff67923
     - SESS  : 1377a26a-7304-4545-a3c8-0881cfc621ea
     - MODIF : Mon Mar 23 2020 11:47:50 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time)
     - TAGS  : @fake-smtp,@noaudio,@proxy-tcp

    I have tried all the available tags and several rstp streams. I have tried with and without authentication.
    I have tested with different resolutions in the camera and monocle.

    Here is the monocle debug

        "timestamp": "2020-03-23T12:08:04.683Z",
        "request": "InitializeCameraStreams",
        "response": [
            "uri": "rtsp://%USER%:%PWD%@",
            "proxy": "rtsp://",
            "resolution": {
              "width": "1280",
              "height": "738"
            "authorizationType": "DIGEST",
            "videoCodec": "H264",
            "audioCodec": "NONE",
            "protocol": "RTSP"

    Can you please help?

  • also… should i be able to ping “” successfully?

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