Help with 4k camera on Show 5 on Surveillance Station

  • Hi,

    After finally getting my DNS binding issue figured out, I am trying to get the RTSP stream from my Synology Surveillance Station onto my Show5. I can show the “low quality preview” stream directly from the camera itself. Once I try to use the Synology it fails. I realize there is a 1080p limit to the Show 5. I have “Stream 2” set to the lower quality preview stream.

    Is there a way to access the lower quality stream from the Synology? I’m assuming the 4k is killing the Show.


  • Hi @Paul,

    I’m not sure about Synology exposing the lower resolution stream. I looked on my system but I did not see any obvious options to share the secondary stream. This might be a good question for Synology support.

    The Show 5 and 8 will definitely choke on streams above 1080P.

    Do you need to access the stream via Synology or can you simply access the stream directly from the camera itself?

    Thanks, Robert

  • Hey Robert,

    Luckily the Reolink cameras have a lower quality RTSP link that I can tap into. Thanks for the suggestion.


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