Has anythign changed with Monocle????

  • I should also have said Or with Amazon Echo devices…

    I had 5 cameras working really well across two Echo Screen devices, Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5…worked first time every time and they were brilliant.

    In truth, they weren’t used every single day and obviously over the lockdown they haven’t used for a while as when I recently tried to connect to the cameras, I’ve noticed they no longer work…at all…

    I either get a flashing screen as it tries to load the feed or Alexa informs me “the camera is not available”

    Now I know the cameras haven’t had any updates (as they have to be done manually) so it would suggest it is either Amazon themselves with an automatic update or that something may have been changed with Monocle itself.

    Has anyone had similar issues or know a fix.

    FYI, these Are UCAM247 cameras which I set up fine at the very start of Monocle


  • I should probably add, I can view the same stream just fine using VLC and the feed into the dedicated app and other supporting ones still work fine

    Update - seems I may have posted a little early.

    As stated I was up and running from early on in Monocle setup and all worked fine, and assume I was in at ground level on the gateway service (running on a Pi) I just went ahead and installed the latest version of the POi software and now, of course, everything is working fine as it always did…Im not sure if this means that something got updated in the software that was previously broken, or if there was a small issue with my Pi …but really glad to see it all working again

  • Same here. Everything was working perfectly until about a couple of weeks ago. Now my cameras will not even load at all. It started with flickering, blurring, and the time going back and forth. Something must have changed.

  • so having tested things for a few days I can now confirm that (Googles main DNS) is way is causing my MonocleCam to NOT connect when using the gateway on my rPi. It make very little sense tome why its just decided to stop working but whenever I set my router to use 8888, the gateway instantly stops working. I leave it for a day or so sto see if anything changes but it doesn’t,…then I change it (in this instance to cloudflar 1111 or 1001) and it starts working straight away.

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