Amcrest NV4108-HS (8 Channel)

  • @Monocle Ha! In a moment of inspiration, I tried Channel 9. Eureka! Matrix view.


    This is trying with VLC. I’m about to make the changes in Monocle, and see if I can get it to work on the Alexa Show.

    Edit: Success! NVR camera Matrix View on Alexa via Monocle.

  • @flptrnkng

    That is FANTASTIC news! This is the first I have heard of someone actually getting a matrix view out of one of these NVRs on displayed on Alexa. I just ordered a NV4116E-HS from Amazon as it is on sale for Prime Day. Looking forward to trying this out myself.

    Thanks, Robert

  • I just tested this trick on a Lorex 8-channel DVR … and no luck. Hopefully the Amcrest 16 channel I have on order will work like yours!

  • @Monocle Not sure what channel # you’ll have to use with the 4116; I’m assuming 17, since 9 worked for the 8 channel 4108.

    Just tried this on my Toshiba FireTV, spoke into the remote control, “Show me the Cameras”, and the matrix view popped up.

    The matrix view you get is exactly the one you configure to show on the HDMI port of the NVR (there are several layout options).

    On the FireTV and the Echo Show 5, I needed the ‘@tunnel’ tag (and the Monocle Gateway running).

    A Fire 10 inch tablet worked without Gateway/tunnel.

  • @Monocle said in Amcrest NV4108-HS (8 Channel):

    I just tested this trick on a Lorex 8-channel DVR … and no luck. Hopefully the Amcrest 16 channel I have on order will work like yours!

    I believe the Amcrest NVRs are re-badged Dahua hardware; if you have one of those, it’ll probably work.

  • @flptrnkng

    I think the Lorex NVRs are also based on Dahua hardware. At least the newer Lorex models — they certainly feel like Dahua software and use the exact same URL formats and parameters. That is why I gave it a go. I tried various ports outside of the 1-8 range – but no luck.

  • On a side note, I was using a RTSP hardware encoder to re-encode the HDMI output from my existing Lorex NVR. So if this works on the new 16-channel Amcrest NVR, it will certainly eliminate the need for that step/effort. I probably won’t be able to test it until late next week, but I’ll post an updated with results/findings.

  • @Monocle said in Amcrest NV4108-HS (8 Channel):


    I have not seen a device (NVR/DVR) that muxes multiple camera views into a single stream. I wish they did. Unfortunately Alexa only will render a single stream … so we can’t do any split screen functionality with multiple concurrent streams — at least not at this time.

    Thanks, Robert


    I think Blue Iris can present a muxed single stream composite of a group of cameras. I will try tonight and add to Monocle cameras .

  • @serodgers

    I would love to know if you get this working. I think other Blue Iris users have tried in the past without luck. I have not setup Blue Iris, but plan to try it out in the coming months.

    Thanks, Robert

  • I have blueiris as well. Unfortunately as it stands it isn’t supported. I did reach out to the developer of Blue Iris. He said this is his top priority so expect it in the next couple of months he said