Amcrest NV4108E-HS (8 Channel / PoE)

  • Amcrest NV4108E-HS (8 Channel / PoE)

    ✔ This device has been reported to work with Monocle and Alexa.

    Amcrest NV4108E-HS

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    Key Features

    • 8 channels
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE - 8 ports)
    • HDMI Output
    • ONVIF Compliant
    • Supported Resolutions: 720p/1080p/3MP/4MP/5MP/6MP/8MP/4K
    • Record in Widescreen, Quick Access QR Code Remote Viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android (w/ included Amcrest View app)
    • Remotely Access Using Standard Windows and Mac Browsers
    • Easy to Install: Connect to and Manage All Cameras on Your Network
    • Feature-Rich OSD: Camera Name, Time, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Lock, and Record Status Icons
    • Multiple Trigger/Alarm Events: Recording, PTZ, Tour, Video Push, Email, FTP, and Buzzer
    • Custom Record Modes (e.g. Manual, Scheduled, Motion Detection) and Record Intervals (1-120min)
    • USB Backup Feature for Peace of Mind


    Field Description Example
    {address} Camera TCP/IP address on your local network
    {port} Camera’s RTSP port (default: 554) 554
    {channel} Camera channel (1 to 16) 1
    {stream} Camera stream (0=main-stream; 1-sub-stream) 0

    Example: rtsp://



    This camera has been reported to work without the proxy/gateway service.