Help setting up Chortau ONVIF Camera for Echo Show 8

  • Hoping someone has some ideas. I seem to be really close (see below), but not quite there. Here is the setup and notes:

    • camera: Chinese Chortau C63S camera, supported by HiCam/HiCamPro mobile apps with ONVIF support; camera works with Synology SS, Camlytics, and other ONVIF software no problem at all
    • stream: tested/verified with VLC stream rtsp URI, verified video and audio codecs with VLC (1920x1080, h.264, G711); no authentication
    • gateway: operating on Synology Docker, set up per Synology Docker instructions here and running fine; I am able ping the local IP set up for the 443 port for the gateway and the logs and Synology Docker details indicate that gateway is successfully operating
    • monocle: setup cam entry per above and added @tunnel tag
    • alexa: skill added and Alexa sees the configured camera

    Observing the logs created by Monocle and monocle-gateware, everything seems to be working, Alexa queries the right URLs and URIs, gets what looks like valid 200 and descriptor responses back, indicates successful authentication (none), and then … just seems to cleanly close the rtsp connection. Alexa device says “Hm, the camera isn’t responding”

    Any ideas? I am happy to provide the detailed logs, although this tiny posting box is likely to make that annoying.

  • I guess MonocleCam is dead, is that the consensus? Too bad, as it’s so far the only way to, theoretically it seems, to get general ONVIF cams working on Alexa.

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