Unifi Cameras with Echo Show 5/8

  • Hoping someone can help please, I have had everything working absolutely fine for around 6 months now flawlessly with the Monocle Gateway working on a RPI and 4 Unifi Cameras all viewable through any Alexa Device in the Household.

    Last night it would seem that all of the camera Firmware has been updated which seems to have killed everything, I have checked in each of the cameras settings and the RTSP streams were exactly the same and can verify that these streams are still working through VLC player.

    Now when requesting to view a camera through the Alexa she just says “Hmmm, the camera isn’t responding”

    Is there anything obvious that I’m missing before I try to remove everything and start again?

  • I’ve a similar issue and after many hours of testing i checked that the certificate for *.mproxy.io is expired today. I’ve tried to configure everything again but the certificate issue not disappear… So we only have to wait for a resolution… Or you can try to install a local certificate into your local lan gateway (hard way to fix it).

    Screenshot 2020-12-06 at 22.21.42.png

  • @cf7

    Where do I find that information, as in what is the screenshot taken from?

    As far as I’m aware I’ve never had to use any other certificates

    FWIW I’ve just started the genuine Unifi app on my Apple TV 4K and I can’t even access the UDM Pro through that either!

  • @AndyAbbott The screenshot was taken on Google Chrome by checking the port 443 of my FQDN.
    You can check also by typing this:
    openssl s_client -showcerts -connect YOUR-FQDN-HERE.mproxy.io:443

    As you can see the reply is:

    verify error:num=10:certificate has expired
    notAfter=Dec 6 11:53:36 2020 GMT

    So you can override all the settings (even the certificate) as described here: https://monoclecam.com/monocle-gateway/custom-configuration

    I’m waiting for a resolution, I don’t want to create a custom certificate for this issue.

  • Ok, I think I understand, so does the fault lie with Unifi in the way that the certificate is expired?

    What I don’t get is that it’s only after the newest firmware that I’m having the issue??

  • You haven’t posted the log of the gateway but I’m sure you have the same problem I’ve described before.
    So, this issue is not related to the firmware version. It’s only a certificate (SSL) issue on the domain provided by monocle. Just wait for a renewal.


  • Ah ok, so it’s a little bit coincidental that the certificate expired on the same day that my firmware updated basically?

    Thanks for your help, which bit of the gateway log would it be helpful to post?

  • @AndyAbbott said in Unifi Cameras with Echo Show 5/8:


    Yes is coincidental, I think the log is not useful…

  • Last night all 11 of my cameras stopped working on Monocle. I believe that Amazon made a change that broke Monocle. I also use the “Wyze” Alexa skill and a week ago it broke as well. I have no camera viewing on any of my Echo Shows or Fire Tv’s through the Monocle or the Wyze skill anymore.

  • The certificate issue should be resolved now. You may need to restart your Monocle Gateway instances. My apologies for this issue.

  • @Monocle Confirmed Repaired! All cameras back online through Monocle. Thank you! Darn let’s Encrypt huh? Try using NginX Proxy Manager. It handles auto-renewal of certs.

  • @vmsman

    I have been meaning to fully automate this certificate renewal – just a task that has been on the back burner 🙂
    In fact, I have all the logical bits fully scripted to perform a renewal, I just need to wire it up on a scheduled task.

    Thanks, Robert

  • That’s great, can confirm all cameras back up and running now.

    Thanks a lot, great support as always 👍🏻

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