Something went wrong....Log file ?

  • Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and want to say first of all big thanks to the developers !
    I have setup my account as described , the rtsp stream of the cameras are tested with VLC and I added the devices in Alexa.
    Also checked the stream information in VLC. Everything went well so far…

    Unfortunately my echo show tells me all the time that something went wrong without further information.
    Is there a log where you can see what it is going wrong ?
    Thanks !

  • Same here. Had this working with Alexa with 3 Hikvision cameras and 1 Dahau camera a few weeks ago, and now Alexa just says, “I’m not quite sure what went wrong” for all 4 cameras. Is there an update to Alexa that broke something?

  • @Rossbro2 :
    I get the “not quite sure” response from time to time, and one of these usually gets it going again:

    1. On the Monocle Gateway Dashboard web interface, edit and save the camera without making changes (this will usually correct the issue on its own).
    2. Restart the Monocle Gateway.
    3. At, in the Smart Home–>Devices tab, remove the camera (or just “Remove All”), then hit Discover and wait for it to finish.

    Check cam in Alexa after each step.

    I have Amcrest, Wyze, and Wi cameras on the gateway, and this usually will fix the “I’m not sure what went wrong” Alexa error on each.

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