Request for log sample in troubleshooting guide

  • Hi folks,

    while working on the AVM Fritzbox issue I ran lack of some information to do a better troubleshooting. So I would ask you to add some more lines to the troubleshooting guide or to the context of DNS rebind troubleshooting…

    There were some lines (I think four) writing [REQUEST] in ‘monocle-gateway --tail’ every time I did a request via Echo with IPv4 Google DNS. So I conclused the Echo found the right IP and talks to the gateway but it was wrong.

    Please add some logs of ‘monocle-gateway --tail’. One log to show a working request and one log to show network-issue. I found the bad log in the post You wrote there that Alexa don’t connect. That was the final hint for me to know there is a problem with networking.

    Second it may be useful for users to find command lines for ‘nslookup’ and ‘dig’ in the troubleshooting guide. For example on windows press Start, type cmd <Return>. The command-prompt opens. Then type ‘nslookup <monocle-host>’ to use Google-DNS and ‘nslookup <monocle-host>’ to use default DNS-Server for comparison. It should give the IP of the monocle-gateway. Unfortunaly asking IPv6 DNS-Server is more complicated. But maybe you can give at least a hint to this tools in the guide.

    I’m not using Alexa at all for myself but had to support a neighbour. So I found your service and gateway an I want to say: You’re donig very nice work ✌

    Regards, Andre.

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