connect time and end time

  • Monocle is working for me with a few caveats.
    My echo show’s 10" show my camera’s, they take about 10 seconds to connect.
    My echo show’s 5, also take 10 seconds to show the camera’s but they stop after 40 seconds. It says buffering on the alexa and then stops

    My camera’s are running on Blue Iris.
    The show 10 connect (via monocle) without @proxy(-tcp) or @tunnel.
    show 5 only connect’s with @proxy-tcp

    I have 6 camera’s they all show the same results.

    Does anyone knows a way to get alexa to connect more quickly then 10 seconds?
    Does anyone knows a way to keep the echo 5 connected after 40 seconds?

    thanks in advance

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