Echo Show 5 - HELP! Must use Gateway

  • First let me say the Monocle skill is excellent.

    But… it doesn’t work on the new £45 Echo Show 5 without having to install a separate gateway. So unless you want to leave your PC or laptop on permanently and install the Monocle gateway do NOT buy an Echo Show 5 otherwise you will not be able to view your cameras.

    I do not use the gateway and can view my Hikvision cameras on 6 different Echo devices, but not my brand new Echo 5.

    This is actually very annoying as I have just bought two Echo Show 5’s. The problem is with Amazon and not with Monocle.

    This is why Echo Show 5 inch won’t work without the separate Gateway.

    Monocle admin. Question: Below You have given an excellent explanation why this is. Is there ever likely to be a workaround?

    “The latest Amazon Alexa enabled devices implement further restrictions. They only permit RTSP connections from these devices to camera endpoints over encrypted (TLS) transport layer and only permitted to connect on port 443 using fully qualified domain names with valid a SSL certificate. These rigid requirements make it near impossible for most IP cameras to work directly with Alexa devices and thus the Monocle Gateway service”.

    For information below are the six Echo Shows that do work with the Monocle skill WITHOUT the separate gateway.

    I have 2 x 10 inch 2nd Gen Echo Shows from 2019. The Monocle skill works fine.

    I have 2 x older 7 inch 1st Gen Echo Shows from 2017. The Monocle skill works fine.

    I have 2 x Echo Show 2.5 inch from 2017 (round with very small screen. The Monocle skill works fine.

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