Video feed not available on Echo Show

  • I have an Axis Camera M2025-LE
    I used VLC to verify that my feed string is correct.

    I enabled Monocle in Alexa as a skill and discovered devices. My stream name in Monocle is called Axis Forest

    Camera Feed/Stream URL

    Alexa sees the camera but claims live view not supported.

    I cannot get my Alexa Show 5 to show me the feed.

    Camera Feed History (Last 7 Days) = No history data available.

    Any thoughts?

  • I’ve seen Axis units work with Alexa, so thats good. You have to provide a bit more info- snap your monoclecam screen and share. Pretty sure that you’ll have to tunnel that one… I don’t see authentication in your string - pretty sure with Axis it has to be there as it’s required by firmware. At least your trying for an Alexa 5 - usually the easiest of the 5/8/10 :).

  • Also read this and see if you’re in the same boat.

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