FireTV Cube (1st Generation) [2018]

  • FireTV Cube (1st Generation) [2018]

    The Monocle skill can be used to display local IP camera feeds to your FireTV Cube (1st Generation) however, only when running the Monocle Gateway service locally on your network. Please see compatibility notes and requirements below.

    Amazon FireTV Cube
    FireTV Cube (1st Generation)

    Compatibility Notes/Requirements

    The Monocle Gateway service is required because the latest Amazon Alexa enabled device implement further restrictions and only permit RTSP connections from these devices to camera endpoints over encrypted (TLS) transport layer and only permitted to connect on port 443 using fully qualified domain names with valid a SSL certificate. These rigid requirements make it near impossible for most IP cameras to work directly with Alexa devices and thus the Monocle Gateway service acts as a bridge by fulfilling these requirements and enabling communications with your local IP cameras.


  • I also pre-ordered one and will test it as soon as it arrives.

  • This post is deleted!

  • UPDATE: I deleted my earlier post because after being up for several hours, the FireTV Cube started working with Alexa smart home camera skills including Monocle.

    I received the Amazon FireTV Cube today (2018-06-21) and at first it was not working with Alexa smart home camera skills. However, after leaving it up for a number of hours and re-testing its now working with the Monocle camera skill to show my IP camera feeds.

    NOTE: However just like the FireTV 4K (3rd Gen), the FireTV Cube does require using the new Monocle Gateway service which is currently in BETA testing.